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Family Feedback

June 21, 2023

The Ellis Family

We are so incredibly grateful for everything that the Shannah teachers have done for our daughter, who has been at Shannah since she was a toddler, through age 6. She has absolutely loved everything about it—they make the learning fun for them, and even do some really special and unique events. We have been continually impressed by what she has learned, and how she has blossomed. They do an absolutely phenomenal job with teaching, guiding, and helping the children develop into smart, creative, independent, kind, caring, and conscientious older children. They are so nurturing, caring, and helpful, and they truly care about each child and celebrate their individuality. They are amazing at what they do—this is truly their calling. They set the foundation, preparing them academically, socially, and emotionally for their future in grade school. They have truly helped shape who our daughter is in a very significant and very positive way. Sending our daughter to Shannah was one of the best decisions we have made as parents.

March 27, 2019

The Mitchell Family

I honestly wish my daughter could go to Shannah every day. I was telling Miss Karen and Miss Joy that I am embracing this moment in her life. She is blossoming into such a delightful kind and PATIENT little human. And I have the Shannah family to thank for a piece of that!

May 16, 2016

The Powers Family

My son has thrived at Shannah. He has gained so much self-confidence; he has become so curious about the world around him, and he is learning when he doesn't even know he's learning. Most important in my mind is how the
children learn to be kind and considerate of one another. The teachers do an amazing job all around; we will miss the school next year when we head off, very well prepared, to kindergarten. Shannah Montessori is a truly special place and I am grateful for all that they have done for our son.

June 4, 2014

The Robinson Family

Shannah Montessori is a hidden gem on Lexington Avenue in Magnolia. Without much fanfare or boasting, Shannah continues to employ skilled and compassionate teachers and to provide innovative projects and materials for the children to explore. As a family, we have been involved with Shannah since 2009 and we are constantly amazed by the quality of teaching and the depth and breadth of school experiences. We have found Shannah Montessori to be a wonderfully loving place which has nurtured and supported our children as well as us, as parents. We recommend Shannah to everyone we know. 

October 24, 2019

The Goddess Family

Enrolling our son at Shannah Montessori was one of the most rewarding decisions we have made as parents.  Every aspect of our experience at Shannah has been exemplary.  As a pre-K student, our son loved the Shannah classroom environment and adored and respected his teachers.  He embraced his daily responsibilities, and ably grew into the autonomy that the school granted to him to choose many of his daily activities. He thrived at Shannah, and his growth and learning were evident to us almost immediately.  As parents, we found Shannah's reliable daily routines invaluable, comforting, and fun. The school's special events each year (our son's turn being Person of the Week, the Holiday Play, Mother's Day Breakfast, Graduation/End-of-Year Play, and many more) were so unique and moving that we will literally never forget them.  Shannah's teachers, administrators, and friends in the classroom (music, Spanish, community) all contributed to an environment that was loving, encouraging, and supportive.  We are grateful that we partnered with Shannah for the journey.

May 22, 2016

The Murray Family

Shannah Montessori strives to instill decency, compassion, self-esteem and commitment to one another and the world at large.  Shannah Montessori promotes a love of learning that flourishes in a creative and imaginative environment.  Each teacher is dedicated to the whole child, committed to the social, emotional, and well-being of each and every child.  We are sincerely grateful and feel extremely privileged for the opportunity our daughter has had to strive, learn and grow over the last past three years.  What a wonderful start Shannah Montessori has provided our daughter! 

May 19, 2016

The Bernardi Family

Shannah is a truly special place. We have been there for six years with two boys and we’ve found it to be a really loving and supportive atmosphere that promotes kindness, creativity, curiosity and an eagerness to learn. Recently I spent an hour helping out in the classroom and came away so touched by how sweet and kind all of the children are; I have never been hugged so much in my entire life! I really value Karen’s opinions and expertise as a child expert and have sought out her advice many times over the years. I still ask for her advice with my older son, now 8, and she has been a lifesaver! When it’s time to move on, we will dearly miss Shannah.



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